So how does it all work?

Have you found a book cover you like? That's great, because...

Every book cover is unique - once sold, it's yours and yours alone!
All book covers come in e-book and print version, back cover included
All title and size customizations are free! Once you buy it, you'll get an email from me asking for these details
All of the covers are easily editable to suit your needs. If you want something different but in a certain style, I am available for custom work as well

…but also spaceships, robots, cute cats and faithful dogs, beautiful romantic castles or scary haunted forests. All styles available!

Want to see past book covers that have already been sold? Even though the exact same ones are no longer available, you can always contact me for a custom cover in a style you liked!

Book Covers

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ikaruna's Book Covers for Book Lovers

The book covers you'll find here are a labor of love – countless hours of research and design, days spent in the library reading and dreaming wide awake, endless moments spent drawing either on a tablet or on canvas. Let's take a walk together through enchanted forests and abandoned spaceships, and bring to life our inner universes!